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Vendor of the Month

Tru Quality… Tru Potency… TRU INFUSION Check out Tru Infusion’s featured products this month (January)! All Tru Infusion products are Buy One Get One 50% Off, while supplies last.

Featured Edible – Highern Chef Edible

Chocolate Bars Delicious chocolate bars are conveniently sectioned into 20 pieces of 10mg. This ensures accurate dosing so that every patient can feel confident in taking the amount they need to suit their condition. With 6 tasty flavors, every patient will have a go-to bar for their needs. All of our bars are created using the

Featured Vape – O-Pen Vape

The O-Pen Vape is the most convenient way to smoke ever! O-Pen provides exclusive strain specific cartridges in a high quality CO2 extracted honey hash oil. A brand new atomizer is built into every cartridge to create optimal taste and continuous functionality.  No button, switches, or levers, you just puff and “it just works.” O-Pen